The Candy Basket - Sister Gourmet Popcorn - Norman Oklahoma

Gourmet Popcorn

Our gourmet popcorn is the perfect complement to your event.  Handy, tasty and easy to manipulate into your mouth for a flavor explosion like no other popcorn you’ve ever tasted. Grown in the USA, popped by loving and caring hands in our kitchen, tossed and seasoned to perfection and shipped to you anywhere popcorn is needed to lift the spirits of anyone lucky enough to be within reach of a bowl.  That person can be you anytime you need the grain with the goodness.  Visit our online store to order your very own bag or tin of geeky goodness.

The Candy Basket - Sister Gourmet Popcorn - Norman Oklahoma

Unique Candies

Smooth, creamy, tart, zingy, sweet flavor explosions in your mouth.  Just a few adjectives used to describe our hand-picked collection of amazing candies by our customers.  We work hard to bring you the very best in our selection of some of the best hard and soft candy from around the world; each with its own flavor profile and each the perfect combination at your wedding or event.

The Candy Basket - Sister Gourmet Popcorn - Norman Oklahoma

Beautiful Gift Baskets

Our gift baskets are hand-made by the very same people that make our hand-made popcorn.  Our gift baskets come in a shiny tin full of goodies and treats hand selected from our inventory of candies and popcorn.  Tell us your favorite flavors and we’ll slap together a mouth-watering selection of the best goodies in our store and get it to you immediately for that special someone in your life.  Our gift baskets are so cool they’ve actually motivated some geeks to give up hot pockets and Xena Warrior Princess and get a girlfriend just so they have someone to share it with. You have to admit, that’s pretty powerful.